Automotive Services

Generators and more — in Rochester

When your car's alternator, generator, and electrical system starts to experience problems, bring it in to our expert technicians here at Golden Alternator & Starter, where our 35 years of automotive experience will help you and your car get back on the road as soon as possible. For repairs, rebuilds, and all new installations on cars of all kinds, choose the professionals here at Golden Alternator & Starter today!

Automotive Alternator Service

We provide professional-grade alternator repairs, rebuilds, and installations for cars all of types. Get your alternator working in prime condition, and get your car back on the road at a cost that won't break the bank. Contact our technicians today!

Electrical Repair and Equipment for Your Car

When your car's electrical system begins to experience problems, it can often make driving impossible. Most newer cars are entirely dependent on an intricate electrical system to keep them running and working properly. Repairing systems such as these is a task best left to professionals, like our technicians here at Golden Alternator & Starter. Get your car the electrical repair it needs—call us today!
The starter motor of car

Automotive Generator Service

If your car's generator is in need of repairs or replacement, bring it in to our technicians here at Golden Alternator & Starter, where we handle generator work for all types of vehicles. With friendly service, great prices, and, above all, excellent work, we'll have your car's generator up and running in no time. Contact us today!

For the best in alternator, generator, and electrical service for your vehicle, call us today! (585) 426-5398
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